The fast diet – the results

Hello! Regular readers will have noticed that I haven’t posted a fast day menu for well over two weeks, although I have still been adding the odd 5:2 recipe. The reason for this absence is simple: I got utterly fed up with fasting.

For seven months, 2 days a week, I faithfully followed the rules of the fasting diet (with the odd slip-up) but got nothing in return. I didn’t have more energy, I didn’t feel healthier and I certainly didn’t lose any weight. In an effort to change this, I tried counting and restricting calories on feast days but that didn’t work either. Fast days began to feel like a punishment so two weeks ago I made the decision to have a break.

In those two weeks I’ve lost more weight than I did in two months of fasting.

Amazing eh? And inexplicable. But I’m not going to analyse it too deeply. I’m just going to carry on eating as I have over the last two weeks and see what happens. If my weight starts creeping up, maybe I’ll give the fast diet another try. In the meantime, I will keep creating and posting fast day recipes so do please keep reading!

There is also another reason why this blog has been a bit quiet lately. My lovely fiancรฉ and I have been working on a new website. Railway Stays is all about luxury rail travel, historic railway hotels and vintage, retro train-themed weddings – think Agatha Christie, Art Deco,ย Brief Encounter and the sheer old-fashioned romance of the railways (he proposed to me on the Orient Express to Paris!).

I said YES!
I said YES!

I’d love it if you popped over to our new site and had a look – leave us a comment over there and let us know what you think!

But do keep checking back here too – I’ll be posting new recipes soon along with any good 5:2 ready meals and products I find. Happy f(e)asting to you all ๐Ÿ™‚


This is too funny! So perhaps stress and pressure can actually be weighed as well? Maybe you were unconsciously overcompensating for the fast days, and now that you have this “screw it” attitude, you no longer feel so beat up by this process. I’m curious to see how this change of mindset plays out.

And congratulations on the new website – sounds like a cool idea (wish we used trains more here in the US. It’s the only civilized way to travel).


Ha! Maybe that’s what it was Erika. I’m interested to see what happens from now on too – I’ll keep you all posted!

You do have a few decent train journeys in the US – we’ll be covering them as soon as we can. And you also have some really cool railway hotels, and railway-themed hotels too – converted train carriages and the like! Would love to come over and stay in some of them. We have stayed in a few of the Canadian railway hotels (the Fairmonts) and they were jaw-droppingly fabulous!

Hope the fasting is still working for you. ๐Ÿ™‚


Yup, anger weighs at least 6 pounds. My DH and I haven’t been fasting lately, but have been avoiding carbs. The plan is to get back at it next week along with more exercise. It has been non-stop social events all summer plus the normal projects, so counting calories for fast day gets put on the back burner.

Alison Moore

Kirsty, I appreciate your honesty and openness here, and also your offer to continue posting 5:2 recipes – for us all. Are you just eating whatever you like now, without counting anything, or are you using another systematic method (calorie counting, low GI, cabbage soup, hours in the gym, hypnotherapy or whatever)?

I have to admit, that for me, 5:2 is working, albeit more slowly than it does for many (I’ve lost 13 lb since mid-April) but I have only lost weight when I have cut out as many carbs as possible on fast days – no added sugar, no chocolate, no bread, pasta, or grains – and no cheese either as it’s so calorie-dense, but lots of lean meat or fish with veggies. This in itself is quite a change for me since I am pretty much wedded to pasta with lots of cheese, and 500 cals’ worth of macaroni cheese is a pitifully small amount of food. And I just don’t find bread or pasta without the butter, cream, olive oil etc appealing. Believe me, I eat my fill of pasta and hot buttered toast on ‘feast’ days! This is the first weight-loss regime that I’ve been able to stick with without feeling deprived – I lost weight with Slimming World but restrictions on the amount of cheese, bread and fat in general was very demoralising, and I wasn’t motivated to continue with it … which meant that the weight started creeping back on. The beauty of the 5:2 diet for me is the permission I can give myself most of the time to eat exactly what I like, and not to have to ‘be on a diet’.

So the 5:2 diet is working for me, but I think the main reason is because I’m at ease with it, and it sounds as though you’ve now found your eating ‘home’ too. Keep being well, and many blessings to you. Hope to see you sometime on the Orient Express!


Hi Alison. Yup, I’m eating whatever I like now. And there have been a fair few meals out in the last couple of weeks too because the Edinburgh Festival is on so we’ve been out and about a lot, grabbing meals between shows.

I’m really glad to hear the diet’s working for you, and I do think carb cutting is a big part of it, as so many people have said that. But I’m just not into restricting types of food, especially not carbs! I wouldn’t have been able to get through fast days if I hadn’t incorporated carbs in one form or another.

I do think the diet has helped me though – I’m probably eating less than I did before because I don’t feel the need to eat every time I’m hungry (and every time I’m not!) So, it has done some good. We’ll see how it goes anyway.

Wishing you continued good luck! ๐Ÿ™‚


This is great news from you, Kirsty! You tried it for seven months and you kept careful track of your experiences. Of course you’re making the right decision to quit it, and your notes and experiences can help others, too.

Congratulations for going so long with only a few breaches! You are very strong.
Best of luck with your new approach!


Thanks Sandra. At least I’ve been of help to other people – makes it all worthwhile! I may try again at some point – we’ll see. Thanks for reading! ๐Ÿ™‚