NEW: perfect fast diet snack food

I may not be following the fast diet anymore – for now at least – but I did promise you that I would keep posting recipes and keeping my eye out for fast-day friendly food.

Well, I think I’ve just found the perfect on-the-go snack for you!

Leafing through my free weekly Waitrose paper just now, I see that they’ve introduced the ‘Snack Egg’, a ready shelled hard boiled egg.


They come in single packs, with a special ‘absorbency patch’  to stop that horrid sulphurous smell that eggs sometimes produce.

At 70p (52p until 28 August), it’s not a particularly economical snack. After all, you can buy half a dozen raw eggs for not much more than that, but if you’re out and about and need a quick, low-cal protein boost, you can’t do much better.

They don’t have them in my local Waitrose yet, and I can’t see them on the website either, but keep your eyes open – they should be in all stores soon.

What do you think – good idea or a waste of money?