5:2 recipes

To save you having to trawl through my entire blog to see the recipes (although of course I would like you to read it all!) I’ve made a list here, so you can click straight to them. It’s a bit of a pitifully short list at the moment I know, but I promise I’ll make an effort to cook more often rather than relying on Waitrose and Marks and Spencer to do it for me, so you should see this section grow soon.


Smoked trout salad – 337 calories

Tuna and bean salad – 110 calories

Fast tuna Nicoise – 333 calories

Tangy coleslaw – 100 calories

Fiery summer salad – 147 calories


Broccoli and blue cheese soup – 81 calories

Cream of tomato soup – 85 calories

Goulash soup – 115 calories

Spinach, watercress and rocket soup – 37 calories


Cassoulet – 408 calories

Chicken, leek, ham hock and butter bean casserole – 343 calories

Spring lamb casserole – 395 calories


Sri Lankan chicken curry – 250 calories

Spinach and lentil curry – 275 calories


Chilli prawn pasta sauce – 143 calories

5:2 tagliatelle papalina – 397 calories

Creamy courgette pasta – 400 calories

Spicy roasted red pepper and aubergine pasta sauce – 109 calories

Spring veg pasta sauce – 156 calories


199-calorie chilli con carne

Tagliata – 334 calories


Chicken with Parma ham – 171 calories

Smoky paprika chicken – 173 calories

Greek chicken flatbread – 412 calories

Parmesan chicken – 242 calories

Jerk chicken with ginger beer – 309 calories


Spanish asparagus – 37 calories

Chilli mint peas – 99 calories

Creamy avocado and summer herb sauce – 43 calories

Creamy wild mushrooms on toast – 179 calories

Everything else

Puy lentils with ham hock – 233 calories

Posh all-day breakfast – 418 calories

Scottish breakfast hash – 444 calories

Huevos a la flamenca (gypsy eggs) – 220 calories

Asparagus and prosciutto frittata – 125 calories

Harissa stuffed peppers – 306 calories


Hi Jay. I never eat breakfast on my fast days and I don’t have snacks either – I prefer to save my calories for one big meal at dinnertime, or two smaller ones at lunch and dinner. Lots of people have eggs, porridge, fruit or yoghurt for breakfast, and fruit or veg for snacks. I’m sure you’ll be able to find lots of other ideas on other 5:2 sites/forums though. Happy hunting!

Weigh in: tell me what you think!